Aquaponics Fruit List – The Ultimate Guide

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This article presents to you, the ultimate aquaponics fruit list.

Have you ever wondered what the best fruits to grow in an aquaponics system are? This article will provide you with a list of the best fruits that are suited for growth in aquaponics, as well as the conditions to provide these fruits with so that you can get the best productivity out of them. So let’s get right into it.

Aquaponics Crops

The idea of growing your own food in aquaponics is an attractive one to people who want to produce their own food sustainably. But one of the biggest questions that growers ask is “what are the best plants to grow in my system”?

There is a wide range of plants you can grow in aquaponics. There are however important considerations to take into account when deciding what plants to grow. Some plants require more nutrients than others, and you need to provide the plants you grow with the right amount of nutrients.

How Does Aquaponics Work? 

So how does aquaponics work and what are the important components of this system? In aquaponics, plants or crops are grown in a soilless solution. Grow media such as coco peat, coco coir or clay pebbles are used for the plants to attach their roots to in a grow bed. The grow bed is then provided with nutrient-rich water from a fish tank.

 "aquaponics crops

The fish tank is one of the most important components of aquaponics. The waste produced by the fish and waste from the uneaten feed is what is used by the plants as nutrients. Without fish, there would be no food for the plants to grow.

Another critical component is the filtration system. Here, large molecules are broken down by bacteria into smaller ones that will be more easily taken up by the plants. It also reduces the amount of toxic substances such as ammonia which may be harmful to fish.

All these components work together in harmony to provide the best growing conditions for your fish and crops. Crops can be either fruits or vegetables. Let’s talk about some of the best fruits for aquaponics.

The Best Aquaponics Fruit List

Aquaponic strawberries

Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits grown in aquaponics systems. There are many different varieties of strawberries to choose from. And because of this, you can harvest strawberries all year round. Provide your strawberries with the right growing conditions and temperatures between 65 to 80 degrees F and you will get the best out of them.

 aquaponic strawberries


Blueberries are another berry that is great for aquaponics. They may take a while longer compared to strawberries but when provided with the right conditions, they will thrive. They prefer temperatures of between 72-74 degrees F. The right temperature coupled with lots of sunlight will have your blueberries producing all year round. Fresh berries for your smoothies everyday!

 aquaponic watermelons"


You cannot think of aquaponics fruits and not think of tomatoes. They are one of the easiest and most commonly grown aquaponics plants. The ideal temperature for aquaponics tomatoes is 70 to 80 degrees F, and they require at least 8 hours of sunlight to grow and produce well.

 Aquaponics fruit list


Although not popular, pomegranates are great fruits for aquaponics. They are extremely easy to grow. They prefer temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees F, pH of 5.5-7 and at least 8 hours of sunlight.


Dwarf fruit trees

You can grow almost any tree in aquaponics. As long as the tree does not grow too big that its roots cannot be supported by the growth media. Dwarf trees are therefore best suited for aquaponics growth. These can be paw paw, cherry, peach, plum and lemon trees.

Dwarf fruit trees

Aquaponic watermelons

Next on the aquaponics fruit list is watermelon. Yes, this delightful, juicy red fruit can be grown in aquaponics. They can grow really big so if you choose to grow this fruit, you must make sure that it is well-supported so that the vines do not break.

Aquaponic watermelons


Bananas are another commonly eaten fruits that can be grown in aquaponics. Banana trees can grow really big and tall so they are best planted in big aquaponics systems.

These fruit trees generally grow faster than those grown in the soil. You have to be careful with bananas however, as they have very strong roots that can damage your system.



Tangerines are one of the best citrus trees to grow in aquaponics. Just like banana trees, they can grow big and tall, and so would be best suited for large systems that will be able to support them. Provided with the right growing conditions, tangerines will grow well and you will harvest them from early autumn to early spring.



Another citrus on the best aquaponics fruits list is the much loved grapefruit. Although they are known for their sour taste, grapefruit grown in aquaponics is said to be sweeter than its soil grown counterparts.


The Best Aquaponics Fruit List

Because aquaponics has certain limitations when it comes to growing fruits, there are certain considerations to selecting the right fruits.

Size and space are very important. Select the fruit that you think your system will be able to handle once it’s fully grown and mature.

Select fruits that have low nutrient requirements in systems where you cannot add supplemental nutrients to support the growth and production of your fruits.

Choose plants that are best suited to your climate to give them the best chance of survival.

Conclusion – Aquaponics Fruit List

We hope this list of the best aquaponics fruit list has given you an idea of the type of fruits you are going to grow in your system. If you don’t already have a system setup, why not go ahead and set one up? You will have an environment to grow all your favorite fruits and vegetables.

You will enjoy eating fresh fruit and vegetables that you grew yourself. This will be both rewarding and good for the health of your mind, body and soul.

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