The Facts About 250-Gallon Fish Tank Dimensions

The Facts About 250 Gallon Fish Tank Dimensions

So you feel ready to take on aquaponics but are stuck on deciding the fish tank size that fits your needs.  There are many size choices, and this article will tell you all you need to know about 250-Gallon Fish Tank Dimensions and their functions.   It is important to determine the goals of your aquaponics … Read more

How Does A Bell Siphon Work?

How Does A Bell Siphon Work

Bell siphons drain water when it reaches a certain height in a grow bed, but you may ask yourself how does a bell siphon work? Commonly used in ebb and flow systems, bell siphons allow you to control the water level in your grow bed. Draining the water in the grow bed allows for the … Read more

Commercial Aquaponics Startup Cost – What Does It Depend On?

Commercial Aquaponics Startup Cost

Commercial aquaponics startup cost depends on the overall design and capacities of your hydroponics and aquaculture component. Aquaculture and hydroponics components ensure the proper requirements for each component are met. This increases the cost of aquaponics systems compared to hydroponics, soil farming, or aquaculture. Best to ask what makes aquaponics special and marketable for a … Read more

What Is An Airstone?

What Is An Airstone

What is an airstone? It is an important part of any aquaponics system as they provide much-needed aeration to the water efficiently. Air Stones come in different shapes and sizes depending on your need and how to efficiently aerate your water. This article will be discussing how air stones work when to use them, and … Read more

How to Make a Venturi Water Pump For Aquaponics – Simple DIY Guide!

How to make a Venturi Water Pump for Aquaponics

When a fluid passes through a constricted space, it undergoes the Venturi effect. A Venturi water pump utilizes this effect for increased water flow. There are many different engineering applications of this effect, for application in aquaponics we are interested in recirculating and aerating water. Before discussing how to make a Venturi water pump for … Read more