3 Good Fish For 10 Gallon Freshwater Tank

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Do you want to know what are some good fish for 10 gallon freshwater tank?  This article has compiled a list of the top fish that are compatible in a small tank of water.  

Just because you do not have a lot of space doesn’t mean you cannot raise fish.  A fish tank is a great addition to any apartment.  Its bright colors create interesting displays inside any room.

If you have a small place, you can use a 10-gallon tank.  A 10-gallon tank is the smallest size of a tank that you can use to raise fish.  There are a few fish that can be raised alone in smaller tanks, but that is not a good life for the fish. 

If you want to have happy fish, you need to start with a 10-gallon tank.  The amount of fish you can keep inside a 10-gallon tank depends on the variety.  Every fish grows to different sizes.  

When you are raising a larger variety, you can fit fewer fish in the tank.  That is why it is better to stick to smaller fish when looking for good fish for a 10-gallon freshwater tank. 

There are so many different fish varieties out there.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming to look through all of them and choose what is best for your needs.  This is why we wrote this article.

Keep reading now to learn about the good fish for a 10-gallon freshwater tank!

Advantages and Disadvantages Of A 10-gallon Freshwater Tank

Before thinking about fish selection, let’s overview the positives and negatives of using a 10- gallon tank.  We will start with the positives.

First off, the most obvious benefit of having a 10-gallon tank is its’ compact size.  This size makes it very convenient to put anywhere in the house.  You can even fit this tank on your desk or on a window sill.  

An aquarium is a nice asset to any room.  It can even have a calming effect on its owners.  This is another attractive point of a 10-gallon tank.  

Since it’s a smaller size, it takes less work to clean.  So for a beginner hobbyist, it might be an easier task to take on.  

Now let’s consider the negatives of a 10-gallon tank.  One of the most important things in a fish tank is keeping a clean and balanced ecosystem.  If you understand water chemistry, the more natural material breaks down in the water the more bacteria there is.

Some of these bacterias can be dangerous.  The most dangerous substance to avoid is called Ammonia (NH3).  

The organic material that is breaking down inside the water produces Nitrites and Ammonia. Plants in your system, fish excretion, and uneaten food particles are some of the possible sources of the presence of ammonia in the water causing the change in its chemical composition.

In order to avoid a Nitrite buildup, you need to keep your tank clean.  In a smaller tank, there is less space for things to be processed.  This means a small outbreak can quickly spread to the whole tank. 

What Can I Stock A 10-gallon Tank With?

So if you have a 10-gallon tank, you will need to make sure that you are keeping it clean and observing everything on a daily basis.  However, if you set up a good filtration system and pay attention to some key details, you shouldn’t have a major problem.  

Now let’s get into exploring some good fish for a 10-gallon freshwater tank.  Even though the tank is small, there is plenty of fish that you can stock it with.

Of course, smaller fish need less room.  This is why it is good to stick to raising smaller fish varieties in a 10-gallon freshwater tank.

1. Guppy Fish

The first species that we recommend as a good fish for a 10-gallon freshwater tank is the guppy. Guppies are extremely easy to raise and breed quickly.  They come in many different beautiful colors.  

Keep about 5- 10 guppies per 10-gallon freshwater tank.  

Guppy Fish

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2. Golden Dwarf Barb

Another fish you can try is the Golden Dwarf Barb. This fish will only grow to 1.5 inches in length. They prefer a tank with a lot of natural plants and wood.

The color of these fish is yellow with black stripes.

Golden Dwarf Barb

3. Betta Fish

The last fish we want to recommend as a good fish for a 10-gallon freshwater tank is a betta fish. This is one of the most popular fish to raise because of its stunning colors.

Betta fish is also known as Siamese Fighting Fish. They have large fins that are multicolored, resembling the feathers of a peacock.

If the name didn’t give it away, then you can guess they are a very aggressive fish.  Not many other species can be raised with them in the same tank. 

You can only raise female bettas together in one tank.  Do not put them with any other species.  

According to the University of Illinois, “every day a betta fish should be given the amount of food it can eat within 3 to 5 minutes, without any food leftover”.

The maximum amount for any of these fish is 10 per tank. However, we highly recommend starting with 5 fish per tank. This will allow you to keep your ecosystem balanced and strong for your new fish. 

Betta Fish

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Keep in mind that space that will be taken up by the plants, substrate, and any other additions in your tank.  So you do not want to overcrowd things.

Start slow and stick with these good fish for a 10-gallon freshwater tank. Do not overstock your tank right away.  Having a small fish tank is a lot of fun! 

Feel free to comment and ask questions below! 


How many fish can I keep in a 10 gallon tank?

One rule of thumb to always keep in mind is that fish need a bare minimum of one gallon per fish. This means that if you have a 10 gallon tank you can stock it with a maximum of 10 fish. Keep in mind this is the maximum number.
Depending on the size of your fish, they will not be very happy.  It is always better to give more room than less if you care about the fish’s wellbeing.  

What is the biggest fish I can put in a 10 gallon tank?

You are not going to be able to keep any med-large fish in a 10 gallon tank. A Betta is probably the largest fish you can keep in a 10-gallon tank.