How Long Do Fancy Guppies Live In Aquaponics?

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Do you know how long do fancy guppies live in aquaponics?  It is important to know the lifespan of the fish that you want to raise.

Guppies are a very common fish in aquaponics and small tank systems.  They are a very small fish and considered quite easy to raise.  There are at least 40 different kinds of guppies.

So it is always important for you to know which exact one you are raising because it affects the type of care you will need to provide.  The most popular guppies that people raise are called the common guppy and the endler guppy.

You can find these guppies in most countries around the world! The fancy guppy is a very beautiful variety because it has a long, colorful fin at the end of its body.  Their fin has a bright multicolored pattern that is absolutely stunning.

If you do not have a lot of space or are looking for a companion fish, guppies may be your best bet.  

Guppies produce a lot of babies, so you will have a full tank in no time.  Overall, they are pretty low maintenance.  

Keep reading this article to understand all you need to know to raise fancy guppies in aquaponics!

What Is The Best Way To Raise My Fancy Guppies?

The scientific name for a guppy is Poecilia reticulata and it belongs to the livebearer family.  It is commonly known as the rainbow fish because of its many different colors.  Guppies can come in hundreds of different colors and patterns.

They are considered very easy to raise and difficult to kill.  That being said, they are heavy breeders.  This means that you could quickly get an overcrowded tank.  

Be sure to monitor your fish population as they start to breed. You want to avoid an overcrowded tank at all costs! 

Male guppies have a larger fin with more colors than a female.  It is quite easy for you to tell the difference. As long as you have a male and female in the same tank, expect babies.

These babies are able to swim right away! However, since the babies are so small, larger fish may quickly eat them.  If you want them to survive, be sure to provide them with protection.  

They require a relatively warm temperature to thrive.  This is important to pay attention to if you live in a cold climate.  The most optimum temperature range for guppies is between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is likely that you will need to supplement the tank with a heater in order to maintain this temperature range.  

The next aspect to consider is the tank setup.  Guppies typically enjoy tanks that have a lot of plants to hide in.  They like floating plants.  

Avoid putting too many other big fish in the same tank with guppies.  They will quickly be eaten for lunch by big fish.  It is better to have a tank with only guppies. 

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Are Guppies A Freshwater Fish?

Yes, guppies are native to freshwater bodies.  Be sure not to raise them in a saltwater tank or they will quickly die.  

Guppies are a very small fish.  On average a male guppy will grow to be 1.5 inches.  Females tend to be a bit bigger.  

They can grow up to 2.5 inches.  In nature, there are a lot of fish bigger than a guppy.  This means that they often get eaten.  

This is the reason that they can live longer in an aquaponics system than in the wild.  Outdoors, a guppy usually lives about 2 years.  

So how long do fancy guppies live in aquaponics? If you take perfect care of your guppies and protect them from predators, guppies can live up to 5 years! 

Also, throughout these years they will continue to produce more guppies.  This makes raising guppies for aquaponics a very sustainable option.  

According to Princeton University, when it comes to mating, “ female guppies prefer males with bright color patterns.”  So if you want to ensure reproductive success try stocking your tank with some bright-colored males.  

Are Guppies A Freshwater Fish

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Almost every pet store sells guppies because they are so popular.  You shouldn’t have any trouble finding them somewhere.  

Keep in mind that guppies love to swim around and may even jump out of your tank.  This is why it is best to keep a cover on your fish tank.  Doing this will ensure you will have no runaway guppies.  

Now you can see how long do fancy guppies live in aquaponics.  Hopefully, you understand the reason why it is such a sustainable fish to raise.  As long as you provide the proper care, they should have a long life.  

Working with guppies is great for any beginner fish hobbyist.  They are pretty low maintenance and can be raised in a small glass jar on your table!  

Give it a try and have fun.  Feel free to comment or ask questions below!


Can Fancy guppies live in freshwater?

Fancy guppies are a freshwater fish species. They will not survive if raised in saltwater. Fancy guppies have very bright colors and a large tail fin. They like to have a tank with plenty of floating plants to hide in and swim amongst. Since they are an active fish, it is good to give them the biggest tank that you can. This will allow them to swim happily as they do in nature.

How do you keep fancy guppies alive?

The best way to keep fancy guppies alive is to ensure you are feeding them enough food and to keep your fish tank clean. As the fish breed, you may need to take babies out to avoid overcrowding. The more you take care of your tank, the longer the fish will live.

How many fancy guppies can I put in a 20 gallon tank?

Guppies are a very small tank. This means you can fit more of them in a small tank. A 20 gallon tank can easily hold between 10-12 guppies. It is possible to add a few more though if necessary. If you notice your fish becoming unhealthy take a few fish out to give them more room.