How Long Do Platy Fish Live? Your Answers Now!

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Do you know how long do platy fish live?  This is the best article that will give you all your answers to this important question. 

Platies are one of the most popular fish selections for aquaponics hobbyists around the world.  There are a lot of benefits to raising platys.

First off, they are not very big. This means that you do not need a lot of space to raise them.  Also, you can add them into a fish tank with other fish to spice things up.

They have a really beautiful and vibrant color.  Plus, they are super easy to raise.  This fish is a beginner’s dream because they look good and don’t take too much work.

Platys are freshwater fish that can be found in Mexico and throughout Central America.  Since they are easy to breed, you can find them in pet stores all around the USA.  They also are not expensive fish to purchase.

As always, when raising a fish you need to know the specific requirements.  Every fish is different, so it is important to do your research.

Lucky for you, we have compiled all you need to know about how long does platy fish live and other key bits of information necessary to raise this awesome fish! 

Keep reading now to become a Platy expert!

Platy Fish Care Tips

Every fish requires a specific kind of care and environment.  Most fish have more than one species. This is the case with Platy fish.

The most popular varieties of Platy fish to raise are the southern platy fish and the variable platy.  There are so many different types of color combinations of these fish.

They have been crossbred with other fish to create new species and colors. Platy fish typically have orange fins and different colored bodies depending on the variety. The attractive color makes them an aesthetically pleasing addition to any fish tank. 

As mentioned before, they are small fish.  The largest they will grow is up to 2 or 3 inches in length.  This means you can raise a large amount in a small space.  

In fact, there is even a dwarf Platy species that only grow up to 1 inch! Be sure to always check which specific variety you are purchasing.

Since they are so small, they do not require a big tank size.  You can start raising platys in a minimum of 10 gallons of water.  A 10-gallon tank can fit nicely in a small apartment.

Platy Fish Care Tips

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Of course, you never want to overcrowd fish in a tank.  This will lead to a number of unhealthy conditions that can threaten the fishes’ life. 

The bigger the tank you can afford, the happier the fish will be.  These fish are a freshwater variety.   This means you can use water from your tap to fill your tank.  

However, they do like mineralized water.  So if your tap water is too soft, you may need to add additional minerals to help provide proper nutrition for your Platys.  

Platy Fish Habitat

Typically Platys are found in shallow-bodied, more stagnant waters like swamps and ponds.  They really like to live in areas with a lot of vegetation.  The plants provide healthy nutrients and foods for the fish.

Platys also like warmer waters.  Knowing this, it is important to mimic their natural environment as best as possible. This highly increases the chances of your fish living happy lives.  

This means you will need to create swampy conditions.  Try to use a lot of different plants in your tank.  But, they also need enough space for them to swim around.

Platy fish have a lot of energy.  They need to swim enough to release this energy, otherwise, they will have problems. 

Sometimes, when they have so much energy they will try to jump out of your tank.  So be sure to secure the top safely.  

Platy Fish Lifespan

If you want to know how long do platy fish live, then you need to understand how to create the perfect conditions.  When they live in a happy and healthy environment, their lifespan is much longer.

On average, Platys raised in a tank can live between 3-4 years. Of course, this is provided that you are giving them the right nutrition and conditions.  

Always make sure to filter your water and perform water changes on a weekly basis.  Change out between 20 and 30% of the water. 

Platy Fish Facts

According to the Australian government,Most Platys are extremely difficult if not impossible to eradicate once established.” They have been considered a problem in many areas. 

Platy fish are very social and get along with most other fish. This is why they make a good addition to an existing tank.  Always pay attention to the fish’s behavior when you introduce something new in the tank.

This will ensure that you prevent any problems before they happen.  Some great fish to raise Platys with are shrimp, guppies, crabs, swordtails, and tetras.

These fish are omnivores, eating both meat and vegetables. You can feed them store-bought flake food and supplement it with other veggies. 

Now you know how long do platy fish live! You can probably see that they are not difficult fish to raise.  Good luck and have fun!

Feel free to comment and ask questions below!

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Are platy fish Hardy?

Platy fish are considered some of the hardiest fish you can raise. This is why we suggest starting with Platys if you are a beginner fishkeeper.

They are not prone to any serious diseases. So, as long as you keep the tank clean you shouldn’t have a problem.

How big can a platy fish get?

The maximum size of a Platy depends on the variety. Adults generally reach up to 2 inches. In fact, female Platy fish actually grow bigger than males.

Females tend to grow up to 3 inches. This is one inch longer than the adult males. Of course, if you are working with a dwarf platy these numbers will be much smaller.

There are also some that may grow larger than this size.

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