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Goldfish is a typical thing you will find in aquariums around the world.  Read this article to learn how to raise goldfish and know how many goldfish to have per gallon of water.  

Whenever you choose a fish to raise in your aquaponics, you will always have to be sure to know the specific requirements of that species.  Fish come in all shapes and sizes. 

Thus, each species needs different things.  If you want to raise goldfish you have to do research to learn specifically about what they need.

This is why you have come to the right place.  We have done all the research for you.  Knowing how many goldfish per gallon of water is one of the most important things to pay attention to.  Keep reading to learn all you need to know.

How Much Water Does A Goldfish Need?

One of the most important things to consider when starting an aquaponics system is your tank size.  Your tank size determines the amount of water that your system can hold.  

On average, one gallon per one inch of goldfish.  According to the University of Washington, goldfish stay around 12 inches long.  However, goldfish come in all different sizes.

The size of your goldfish depends on which exact species you choose.  Some species can grow up to 19 inches long!  Make sure you check the maximum growth size for the specific type of goldfish you choose.

The size of your goldfish depends on which exact species you choose

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Growth rates are heavily affected by feeding patterns.  So if you feed your fish a lot, they will likely grow to a larger size.

Based on the rule of one gallon per one inch, a 10-gallon tank can hold about 3-4 medium-sized goldfish.  If you need to raise a larger amount, simply increase the amount of water in your tank.  

Goldfish are a great choice for an aquaponics system because they are aesthetically pleasing.  Their color is orange but in the light, they can give off colors of silver, grey, red, and sometimes even blue! 

Goldfish have extremely long lives.  This makes them a great choice for a family pet.  Some of them can live up to ten years! They are very resilient.

Making sure you do not overcrowd your tank will be a key to success in raising these fish.  Follow the rule above, and you should not have a problem.   If you notice your fish are getting too big, you can always trade them out for smaller fry.

Goldfish Growth Rates

If you buy small goldfish from the store, you will get the opportunity to watch them grow. When they are young, they will feed on microorganisms found in the water like plankton. Once they start to grow up, their diet changes. 

When they are adults, they can eat plants and small insects.  You can also feed them store-bought fish food.  

If fed correctly and kept healthy, goldfish will grow to medium size within a few months.  Keep the growth rates in mind when stocking your tank. 

These fish typically like a slightly warmer water temperature of about 68- 72 degrees Fahrenheit.  The temperature of the water directly affects the fishes’ ability to process food.  So, if you want a faster growth rate be sure to keep the temperature steady.

The warmer the water, the higher the fishes’ metabolism.  If you want to experiment with different water temperatures, do it carefully.  

Goldfish grow very fast! If you start with a small tank, you may need to upgrade to a larger tank quickly.  Depending on your needs, we recommend starting with at least a 30-gallon tank.  

However, if you just want to raise goldfish as a simple hobby, you can stick with a smaller size.  

Keep in mind goldfish are freshwater fish and cannot tolerate any salinity of the water.  

Now that you have learned about goldfish tank size and growth characteristics, let’s discuss all other important information about raising goldfish.

Other Considerations

Typically, when designing an aquaponics system you will have to make the plan well in advance to ensure that everything will be in the right conditions for your fish.  Remember, with aquaponics, the water from the fish fertilizes the plants. 

So, if you want to grow a decent amount of food, you will need to raise more fish.  Keep this in mind when creating your goals.  

Typically, people do not eat goldfish.  So if you choose to raise goldfish keep in mind you will only be receiving one food source.  If you choose to raise tilapia, for example, you can get food from the tilapia and your vegetables. 

I don’t recommend raising goldfish for aquaponics for this reason.  If you want to have a nice-looking fish tank as a hobby, goldfish is a good choice.  But, in terms of its utility in an aquaponics system, there are a lot better fish to go with.  

However, it is still possible to use goldfish in an aquaponics system.  If that is what you prefer, go for it.

With aquaponics, you are the master.  You can design and create a system that fits exactly what you like.  

One benefit of raising goldfish is that they are easy to raise and grow fast! Just make sure you keep the right conditions listed in this article.

It is especially important to know how many goldfish per gallon of water when making your design!  We hope this article has given you enough information to get you started.  

The world of fish is a big one.  There is plenty of information online. 

Take your time and do your research from a lot of different sources before making any final decisions.   Consider your goals and budget carefully before getting started.

The most successful aquaponics owners are the ones who take their time to ensure the ecosystem stays in balance.  Most importantly, is to pay attention and get to know your fish and their habits.  There are general rules, but each fish will have their own personality.  

Feel free to ask questions and comments below!  We are always happy to help.  

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