How Many Worms Per Square Foot In Your Aquaponics System?

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Are you interested in knowing how many worms per square foot you should use in your aquaponics systems?  Worms are very useful for any natural ecosystem for a number of reasons.

You can use worms in your aquaponics system in many different ways.  Different types of worms perform different functions. 

 For example, red worms are great for digesting organic material and making compost.  While black worms can be used as a great food for your fish.

Worms will multiply and expand in your garden very quickly.  As long as you provide the right conditions, they will continue to reproduce.  

If you are just getting started with adding worms to your system you may be wondering: How many worms per square foot should I use?  

Even if you only start with a few worms, they could possibly multiply in no time.  This article will overview all the important information you need to know about using worms in your aquaponics.  

Continue reading now to become confident about raising worms!

How To Add Worms Into Your Aquaponics System?

Worms are one of the best things you can add to any garden.  This is because they are great at breaking down organic debris and creating fertilizer for your plants. 

They like to live underneath the soil and make tunnels while they forge for food.  These tunnels are great for aerating the soil and allowing for plant roots to breathe. 

In order to use worms in your aquaponics system, you can bury some worms directly into your soil.  As long as they receive food, they will continue to work in your garden.

Keep in mind that if you want to put worms directly in your grow beds, you will most likely need to add additional organic material for the worms to consume.  Worms like to eat anything that comes from nature.  

organic material for the worms to consume

Some good food you can add is dried leaves, cardboard, or rotting food.  Keep in mind that as organic material breaks down it creates a lot of heat.  If you apply too much to your plants, it can burn them.

Worms have small mouths so if you want to make food easier for them to digest, tear them into small pieces before putting them in the soil.  As mentioned before, worms can quickly multiply when they are in favorable conditions.

In some rare cases, your worm population can get so big that the worms end up eating the roots of your plants.  The best way to avoid this problem is to monitor your soil on a weekly basis.

Take a soil sample to analyze how the worm population is expanding.  

If you think there are too many worms, you can remove some of them and put them into another grow bed.  They will happily do good work wherever you put them.

How To Add Worms Into Your Aquaponics System

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Can Worms Drown In Aquaponics?

Just like humans, worms need oxygen to survive.  If your grow beds do not have proper drainage water may start to build up in the soil.  When worms are underwater, they can not breathe. 

If they are left underwater for too long, they will die.  You will notice them spilling over the side of your growbed. Not only is excess water bad for your worms, but it is also bad for your plants.  

In aquaponics, you need to make sure that your beds have proper drainage.  This will allow for the plants and worms to develop healthily over time.

To start off using worms, try to put half of a handful of worms per square foot of soil.  If you are in a rush, you can add a full handful per square foot of soil.  Keep in mind that the more worms in your soil means there needs to be more organic material for them to consume.

Worms like to live in a moist environment.  So as long as your flood and drain cycles are set correctly, they should like to be in an aquaponics bed.  

According to North Carolina State University, “Vermicomposting is the process of earthworms turning organic debris into worm castings, the fertile waste product of earthworms.”  This worm compost can be made into a very useful tea.  

To do this, take a scoop of soil that contains a lot of worms.  Screen the soil so that all the worms are removed.  From here, you need to soak the soil in a bucket of water using an old t-shirt.  

The resulting liquid is an excellent fertilizer that can be sprayed on all of your plants.  This will help your plants grow in no time! Hopefully, now you know the answer to the question: how many worms per square foot in aquaponics?  

Leachate Fertiliser

Raising worms is not very difficult but it does take some finesse.  Pay attention to how your worms are established in your system to determine your success. 

Good luck.  Feel free to comment and ask questions below!

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Can you put worms in aquaponics?

Worms are an excellent addition to aquaponics grow beds. Once they break down organic debris they produce worm castings, which is also known as black gold to gardeners. This product is one of the most balanced forms of nutrients available to plants.

How do I add worms to my aquaponics system?

Simply add a handful of worms to your soil and let them do the work. They will fertilize your plants and aerate the soil. Make sure to provide them with a consistent supply of organic material for them to eat. They also love moist soil conditions. Keep in mind that worms can reproduce rapidly. In some rare cases, the population can get out of control and eat the roots of your plants.

Do worms drown in aquaponics?

Worms will drown if they are left underwater for too long of a time. Try to avoid leaving them underwater for more than 4 hours. When they are underwater they do not have access to oxygen. They need oxygen to survive.

Can you use worm tea in aquaponics?

Worm tea is an excellent source of fertilizer for any aquaponics system. Spray it on your plants near the roots once a week to help your plants thrive!