How to Grow Watercrest?

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Watercrest is a low growing, evergreen plant that can be grown anywhere. It will grow in shady areas and wet soil but does not need much light to thrive. To maximize its harvest potential, water it regularly and keep the area around it well mulched with organic matter to prevent weed growth.

Watercress is a leafy vegetable that has a mild flavor and crunchy texture. It can be grown in water or soil, but it’s best to grow it in soil because the leaves will have more nutrients.


Watercress is a type of green leafy vegetable that grows in moist soil. Its leaves are used in salads and as a garnish, or can be eaten raw. Watercress is a good source of vitamin A and C, folate, iron, calcium and zinc. Reference: how to grow watercress from cuttings.

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