The Secret To Setting Up Red Eyed Tree Frog Tanks

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Do you know about setting up red eyed tree frog tanks?  If you are an aquaponics lover, it is an exciting task!

Red-Eyed Tree Frogs are a very beautiful and magnificent species to raise.  They are native to the jungles of central and south America.  Their bright colors ranging from blues to reds to greens.  

Despite this color, they are not toxic to humans.  

They can typically be found in rainforests.  If you are interested in setting up red-eyed tree frog tanks, you will need to simulate a rainforest environment.  Always be sure that you have the resources to set up the proper ecosystem for your frogs.  

You do not want to hurt any animals, especially this amphibian.  This is because red-eyed tree frogs are considered an endangered species.  Due to human development and the destruction of natural ecosystems, this species has been rapidly declining. 

Always do your research before committing to raising a pet.  Read this article to learn how to properly set up red-eyed tree frog tanks.  We will teach you the best way to do it so your tree frogs are very happy. 

Keep reading now to get started!

What Are The Tank Requirements For A Red Eyed Tree Frog?

One of the first things to consider is how big your tree frog will grow.  On an average tree, frogs will reach between 1.5 to 2.75 inches in length.  So you definitely want to allow enough room for the tree frogs to grow.  

It is important to give the tree frogs adequate space to play and move around.  They also really like to climb trees in nature.  So it would be great to set up some plants and trees that they can climb.

This means you need to make sure your tank is tall enough.  Raising a reptile is different from raising fish.  In fact, they make special tanks for reptiles.  

Most pet shops should have them for sale.

What Are The Tank Requirements For A Red Eyed Tree Frog

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Make sure your red-eyed tree frog tank is all glass.  Glass is a good material for trapping and storing heat.  Red-eyed tree frogs are native to warm regions.  

You need to make sure that your tank stays hot enough for the frogs to be comfortable.  Try to keep your red-eyed tree frog tank at around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you live in a cold climate, you will need to provide additional heating to achieve these temperatures.

To do this, you can use a heating mat.  This is essentially a heating pad that can stick to the sides of your tank.  Usually, the heating mad includes a built-in thermometer to help you gauge the temperatures.  

Keep in mind the heating pad will only stick to one side of your tank.  This can cause uneven heating.  Just pay attention to the temperatures to make sure all parts of the tank are at least 75 degrees.

How Big Of A Tank Do I Need To Raise Red Eyed Tree Frogs?

Your tank size will depend on two factors.  First off, how many species you want to raise in the tank.  Second off, how ideal an environment do you want to give them?

It is best to raise red-eyed tree frogs together.  This will allow them some socialization with their fellow species.  You can start with a 20-gallon terrarium to raise 3-4 tree frogs together. 

Try to make sure your tank is at least 60cm high.  This will allow for adequate space for your tree frogs to jump and leap.

Keep in mind that the frogs love to hop, so you need to make sure there is enough room for them to do this.  Do not overcrowd the terrarium.  

Try to fill your tank with a lot of plants. Some good plants that they like are Ficus and Golden Pathos.  They want to have plenty of spaces to hide, similar to in the rainforest.  

Jam pack your tank with lots of dense planting and logs.  You can repurpose logs that you find in nature to put into your tank.  Just make sure they are clean and do not have any invasive bugs.

Make sure your frogs have clean water on a daily basis. According to National Geographic, red-eyed tree frogs are, “Nocturnal carnivores, they hide in the rain forest canopy and ambush crickets, flies, and moths with their long, sticky tongues.” In order to mimic this, you will need to supplement their diets with live crickets.  

If you want to add more frogs to your tank, you have to buy a bigger tank.  For every frog, increase the tank size by at least 5 gallons.

Now hopefully you understand the basics about red-eyed tree frog tanks.  They are a wonderful species to raise.  Just make sure you respect them and provide them with the best possible conditions. 

Feel free to comment and ask questions below! We are here to help.

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What size tank does a red eyed tree frog need?

An ideal tank size for 2-4 red eyed tree frogs is 20 gallons. However, the bigger the tank the better it is for the frogs. If you want to give them a lot of space to climb and jump around, go with a 30 to 40 gallon tank. They also really like thick vegetation, so you want to be sure to have a tank that can hold a lot of plants.

What kind of tank does a red eyed tree frog need?

Tree frogs need a glass tank that has a screened top for air ventilation. Make sure the screen is secure so your frogs won’t jump out. You can buy special terrariums for reptiles from any pet shop.

What can be kept with red eyed tree frogs?

The best thing to keep with red eyed tree frogs are plants. Some good plants to keep are the ficus and Golden Pathos. Any broad leaf plants are great for the frogs to play and hide in. Try to simulate the plants in the rainforest.

How do I care for my red eyed tree frog?

Caring for red eyed tree frogs is not difficult. You need to make sure they get a good carnivorous diet which consists of different insects like crickets, moths and flies. Be sure to give them clean water on a daily basis and keep the temperatures between 68 to 75 degrees fahrenheit.