Bacterial Bloom During Cycle For Aquaponics


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Bacterial bloom during cycling establishes the necessary bacteria for nitrogen fixation and processing the fish waste for plants to utilize. Cycling starts with the initial introduction of nitrogen into the system in the form of ammonia or urea from fish.

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Bacterial Bloom During Cycling Begins With The Introduction Of Nitrogen From Your Fish Or Ammonia

There are different enzymes and bacteria necessary for the complete cycling of nitrogen in your aquaponics system. The first step for the nitrogen cycle begins with your urea from the fish...

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A biofilter includes the housing of necessary bacteria for nitrogen fixation...

A Biofilter Is Essential In Establishing and Housing Bacterial Bloom Of Beneficial Bacteria


Introduce bacterial bloom in your fish tank by using water from healthy ecosystems. Ensure that the ecosystem, aquaculture tank, or aquaponics system is free from pathogens so as not to infect your system beforehand.

Use Water From Established Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Or Natural Bodies Of Water

Introduce Ammonia Into Your Biofilter To Establish The Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria In Your Fish Tank

Introducing ammonia to start the nitrogen fixation in your tank also causes bacterial bloom. As ammonia is not usable by plants and is still toxic to fish, it is best to introduce ammonia in small amounts and without fish in the system yet...

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Although the bacterial bloom itself is not dangerous for your fish and plants, it is an indicator of nutrient imbalance...

Other Causes Of Bacterial Bloom Could Be Excessive Nitrogen From Overfeeding Or Restarting Your Biofilter