What To Feed A Fish When Out Of Fish Food


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Deciding on what to feed a fish when out of fish food depends on what is readily available or easily prepared beforehand. What you can feed fish other than fish food is determined by the kind of fish.

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You Can Make Your Own Fish Food For Carnivorous Fish Out Of Worms, Crickets, and Other Insects.

Insects offer a good amount of protein which is important for carnivorous fish. They can be grown alongside the system easily or caught by traps.

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Companies like Koppert and agricultural supply stores sell pheromone traps for insects and pests.

Set Up An Insect Trap Or A Vermicompost To Ensure A Stable Supply Of Worms Or Maggots


After catching worms and maggots in your trap, simply clean them with running water to remove debris. The water used to clean the worms and maggot can also be used to water your plants and soil.

How To Prepare Worms and Insects As Substitute For Fish Food

Duckweed, Azolla, and Algae Are Suitable Substitutes For Fish Food With Good Protein Content

Some plants provide good protein content like algae, azola, and duckweed. These aquatic plants grow naturally and you could feed them to omnivorous or herbivorous fishes like Tilapia and Koi.

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Growing Algae In A Separate Container Is Advisable Before Preparing Them For Fish To Eat To Prevent Algal Growth In The System

Algae come in two major types; macroalgae and microalgae. Macroalgae include kelp and different types of seaweed. Common microalgae that are commonly available are spirulina and chlorella used for food and nutritional supplements.

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