What Are Mosquito Dunks? Find Out Now!

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Mosquitos are something we all deal with. What are mosquito dunks? This article will teach all about mosquito dunks and how they can help you solve your mosquito problems!

I think most of us can agree that getting bit by swarms of mosquitoes makes any evening unenjoyable. A big reason you may have a mosquito infestation around your house is because there are places for mosquitoes to lay eggs and reproduce. 

 If you leave buckets of stand-still water out around your garden, mosquitoes will quickly start to lay their larvae there. Each one of these larvae becomes new mosquitoes who are excited to bite you! 

Luckily, humans have created different ways to limit or erase the problem of too many mosquito larvae being present in water. One of these ways is called the Mosquito Dunk.  

So, What are mosquito Dunks? Keep reading to find out this very useful tool in combating mosquito infestations in your water.

How Do Mosquito Dunks Work

Before the article gets started, we wanted to note that we do not promote the killing of any living creature. All creatures provide a unique function in our ecosystem – even those painful mosquitoes!  

However, when you have a serious mosquito problem, you may need to resort to using a mosquito dunk. 

A mosquito dunk is essentially a type of bacteria that targets mosquito larvae. This bacteria is put into a small disc that can float in water. People put the disc in an area where they see large amounts of mosquito larvae. 

This disc will dissolve and disperse the larvicide that will immediately kill whatever larvae are present. The larvicide is made from a natural material. So keep in mind, when you use a mosquito dunk, you are putting a new bacteria into your water.

This means that anything that is in the water with the mosquito larvae will be exposed to the bacteria. It is very important to remember this fact, especially when using mosquito dunks with an aquaponics fish tank!  

If you do not want your fish to be exposed to unwanted bacterias, you might want to avoid using mosquito dunks. However, this bacteria is not necessarily dangerous for the fish. Most mosquito dunks companies claim that it is only harmful to the larvae and not any other living creatures. 

The mosquito dunks will release a special type of bacteria which is harmful to larvae. The scent of this bacteria attracts mosquito larvae to consume it. Once they swallow it, the bacteria will attack the larvae and kill it. 

This is a common mosquito control method used in parks all around the United States. It is also a recommended solution for homeowners who face mosquito problems.

According to the University of Kentucky, one mosquito dunk can be used for 100 square feet of water. This means that these mosquito dunks are pretty powerful. You don’t need to buy too many and over saturate your water with these harmful bacteria. 

Mosquito Dunks Ingredients

What exactly are the ingredients inside a mosquito dunk? Well, to start, we must mention that there are different brands of mosquito dunks. So the specific ingredients depend on the exact brand.

The most common ingredient found in a mosquito dunk is simply the special bacteria that kills the larvae. This bacteria is called Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelis.  

This bacteria is embedded into a biodegradable material, making it easy to add into any household body of water. Generally, you only need one mosquito dunk per pond. Of course, this depends on the size of the pond.

Over the course of a few hours, the dunk will completely dissolve leaving no trace of its existence.   

Remember,  mosquito dunks are claimed to be 100% nontoxic. This means you can use them in a swimming pool. They will pose no threat to humans- including kids! 

mosquito tablets for standing water

How To Use Mosquito Dunks

On average, the mosquito dunks can kill larvae for up to 30 days. If you have a serious ongoing mosquito condition, use one dunk per month.  

All you have to do is simply place the dunk in your water. If you want to stabilize the dunk in one place, you can use a stick, or other device put into the middle of the hole.

After that, it just takes time. You do not have to do anything besides happily wait for your results.  

Of course, the best way to prevent mosquito issues long-term is to not provide them with the conditions they like to breed in. This means avoid having any open, standing water.  

Another option is to make sure your ponds and other bodies of water have fish in them. Many fish varieties love to feed on mosquito larvae and can help keep the mosquito population in check.

Respecting Nature

Keep in mind that although mosquitos are nuisances for humans, they are a valuable food source in nature. If you entirely remove them from the food chain, your ecosystem will be imbalanced.

In an aquaponics system, we recommend trying other more natural solutions prior to resorting to a mosquito dunk. This is because the best thing you can do for your tank is to make a healthy balanced ecosystem.  

If your ecosystem is adequately balanced, you should not have a population boom of larvae. In general, other species should keep mosquito larvae in balance.  

After reading this article you should have a clear answer to the question: What are mosquito dunks? You can see they are a useful tool for quick, large-scale mosquito control.  

You should be able to purchase mosquito dunks at any hardware store or online. They are not very expensive, especially if you do not have to use them too often.   

Also, the super nice thing about mosquito dunks is that they are approved for organic gardening. This means you do not have to worry about it affecting the quality of your produce. Everything will turn out safe to eat.

Hopefully, you found this article useful and that it answered all your questions.

Feel free to comment and ask questions below! 

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