How To Use Hydroton Clay Pebbles?

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Hydroton Clay Pebbles are a type of clay aggregate that is made from high-quality, clean and pure silica sand. They’re perfect for use in landscapes, gardens or even as an art medium. The Hydroton brand offers various styles to appeal to both professional artists and landscapers alike!.

Clay pebbles are a great choice for adding texture to your garden. They can be mixed with soil or used as is.

How do you apply Hydroton to plants?

A: Hydroton is a hydroponic growing medium that can be applied to plants in order to provide them with the nutrients they need. The best way to apply it is by using a spray bottle and misting the plants leaves.

Clay pebbles for plants are a great way to add some extra nutrients to your garden. They can be used as soil, or in pots and planters. Reference: clay pebbles for plants.

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