Raise Lobster At Home – What You Should Know!

Raise Lobster At Home

Would you like to know how to raise lobster at home? What you need, what to get, what to avoid, what to watch out for? Keep reading this article to learn all you need to know. Lobsters Lobsters are marine crustaceans belonging to the Nephropidae family. They have characteristic long bodies and muscular tails. They … Read more

Red Tail Catfish Tank Size – Requirements & Care Guide!

Red Tail Catfish Tank Size

The red tail catfish is a common freshwater fish that aquarists like to keep. To be able to do so successfully, knowing what the right red tail catfish tank size is, is crucial. Let us talk more about this topic. Red Tail Catfish Phractocephalus hemioliopterus, commonly known as the red tail catfish is a long … Read more

Live Bloodworms For Betta – Are They Safe?

Live Bloodworms For Betta

Are live bloodworms for betta a good idea? Live bloodworms are those that are still in their fresh, natural state. They tend to be a bit more expensive than their frozen counterparts but they are great for your fish. They are the most nutritious as their nutrients have not been lost through processing. Live bloodworms … Read more

Aquaponics Fruit List – The Ultimate Guide

Aquaponics Fruit List

This article presents to you, the ultimate aquaponics fruit list. Have you ever wondered what the best fruits to grow in an aquaponics system are? This article will provide you with a list of the best fruits that are suited for growth in aquaponics, as well as the conditions to provide these fruits with so … Read more

EPDM Vs PVC Pond Liner – Which Is The Better Option?

EPDM Vs PVC Pond Liner

You are thinking of building a pond in your yard and wondering which is the better choice for liner, EPDM vs PVC pond liner? In this article, we will put your wondering to rest. Keep reading. What Is A Pond Liner? When you construct or build a pond, you want it to store water for … Read more

The Best Way To Germinate Seeds For Hydroponics – A Simple Guide

The Best Way To Germinate Seeds For Hydroponics

Would you like to know what the best way to germinate seeds for hydroponics is? Keep reading this guide to find out. Getting the right plants is one of the most crucial steps in getting your hydroponics system running and productive. We usually talk more about water quality when we talk about hydroponics. We don’t … Read more