The Amazing Facts Of Mushroom Cultivation Aquaponics!

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Are you interested in mushroom cultivation aquaponics?  Read this article to learn everything about this innovative approach to growing mushrooms with aquaponics.

Who doesn’t love eating mushrooms?  Not only are they extremely nutritious, but also a very productive species.  If we told you that you can do mushroom cultivation aquaponics, would you try it?

You can read this article to understand more about this and be able to get started. 

Mushrooms come in so many different varieties and are grown all around the world.  They are not considered a vegetable because they belong to their own kingdom. Instead, they are a type of fungi because they come from spores produced by other fungi.  

Fungi is simply an organism that can break down organic material.  This means that it has the ability to latch on to and consume anything that is natural.  Fungus is absolutely critical in nature’s process to produce more fertile soil.  

Typically, you can find them growing in shaded areas around trees.  Only some types of fungi are edible.  Today, we will only focus on the edible kinds.  

If you do mushroom cultivation aquaponics correctly, you can produce high amounts all year round!  Continue reading to prepare yourself with all the necessary information to get started on your journey!

How To Grow Mushrooms In Aquaponics?

One of the biggest benefits of doing mushroom cultivation aquaponics is that you do not need to use any artificial light.  The fungus does not require light to grow.  

In fact, they prefer dark areas.  That is why you will find them under forest covers.  This is an excellent option for someone who only has indoor growing space.  

You will not need to spend money on expensive artificial lighting and electricity.  The exact conditions required will depend on the specific variety you want to grow.

As mentioned before, there are millions of different fungi species.  We will overview some of the best and tastiest ones to cultivate.  

The first variety that we highly recommend is the oyster mushroom.  The scientific name is the Pleurotus Ostreatus and it is native to Asia.  Oyster mushrooms are known for growing in abundance.

As long as you provide a proper growing medium, temperature, and moisture you should have success.  This is why we suggest starting with oysters if you are a beginner. 

According to the University of Florida, “The oyster mushroom is a saprotroph, meaning it feeds on dead organic matter, mainly hardwood. They can grow on the deadwood inside living trees. Oyster mushrooms fruit throughout the year whenever conditions are favorable.”This means that if you work with oyster mushrooms, you could have mushrooms on your dinner plate all year round!! 

A second option is to grow a more expensive variety called chanterelles.  This mushroom is packed with flavor and can be found growing around birch trees.  It is quite common for mushroom forages to look for this one because it can be sold at a high price.

If you want to get into mushroom cultivation aquaponics for profit, this is a good option.  However, it is more difficult to grow than oysters.

Growing Mushrooms In Aquaponics Continued

Once you have selected your variety, you need to move on to prepare your growing medium and conditions.  As mentioned before, fungus survives off eating organic material.  This is where they get their nutrients to grow and produce the “fruit”.   

In order to grow them, you need to provide some kind of biological growing medium.  Typically, this media is inoculated with mushroom spores which are like the seed of a mushroom.  

Over time, if kept in perfect conditions, these spores will spread around the medium and produce tiny mycelium threads.  These threads are like the sprout of a mushroom.

From there, the mushrooms will start to form.  While it is possible to inoculate a growing medium yourself, it is extremely difficult.  The whole process has to be conducted in a very sterile environment.  

Growing Mushrooms In Aquaponics Continued

If you do not have the right equipment it is easy to fail.  This is why it is best to purchase already inoculated growing medius.  These typically are sold as “mushroom growing kits”.  

Some growing mediums that are used to grow mushrooms are rice husk, rice bran, brown rice flour, coffee ground, or vermiculite (worm compost).  Different varieties of mushrooms prefer different mediums. 

When you purchase a grow kit that is already prepared for you, they have already selected the best medium.    If you buy the grow kits, you simply have to set them up in a dark, cool room.  

From there you have to set up your watering system to deliver water from your fish tank to the mushrooms.  If you have your pipes set up with a timer, you should be good to go.

To maximize production you can stack your mushroom kits vertically.  Set your timers to provide water 4 times a day.  After that, you do not have to do much. 

Growing In Your Aquaponics Bed

Always observe your mushroom kits to make sure there isn’t any discoloration or other outside molds growing. If you do not want to do the above method we have another way for you.

You can simply place the kits inside your grow beds!  

If you are growing other vegetables, they can happily grow alongside the mushrooms.  However, you have to be sure that the lighting requirements are OK.  Remember, mushrooms do not like a lot of light! 

Other than that, you need to make sure that your temperatures remain on the lower side.  The optimum temperature range for mushrooms is 63-80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Also, you want a high humidity level of 80%! 

Growing mushrooms from mushroom kits are not very difficult.  It takes a lot of observation and paying attention to details.  If you notice a problem, try to alter the conditions to see if production improves.  

Overall though, mushroom cultivation aquaponics is a great way to get mushrooms in your system all year round.  Not only are they delicious, but they are good for your system because they act as decomposers.

You pretty much cannot go wrong.

Feel free to comment and ask questions below!

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How to grow mushrooms in aquaponics?

One of the biggest benefits of doing mushroom cultivation aquaponics is that you do not need to use any artificial light. Fungus does not require light to grow. Provide enough moisture and a cool temperature and you will have success!